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Driven by nearly a decade of experience, InteriorDesignLK translates ideas into experiences that work in today’s world, and set the stage for tomorrow’s.

Interior Design

Interior Design Doesn't Have to Be Expensive or Complicated! It Should Be Smart & User Friendly

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Established In 2015

Interior Design Firm Based in Sri Lanka

InteriorDesignLK is a leading contemporary architecture and interior design firm in sri lanka, specializing in the design of personalized residential, retail and cultural projects. We are client focused, efficient, and provide exceptional execution. The company’s ethos draws from the infinitely rich vocabulary of design and visual culture.

We balance theory and practice, incorporating concepts and technologies that transform that language into new forms of expression relevant to today. InteriorDesignLK projects consistently stimulate both the intellect and the senses.

Our Recent

Completed Projects

With a diverse background of program management, design, and engineering, InteriorDesign.LK has demonstrated proven leadership skills.

Our experience span a broad technical domain with experience leading cross functional teams, large financial budgets, and complex projects.

Every Space Count
Every Space Count

Why Choose Us

Building Planning

We approach planning with the specific intent of minimizing time on site and maximizing results & investment return for each client.

Renovating Space

When it comes to renovating space in interior design, we understand the importance of designing specifically for our clients.

Interior Space

Our team of experts is ready to help you create the perfect space for your needs. After a quick chat about your needs with our Design Firm.

Real Estates

The role of Real Estate agent and Interior Designer seems worlds apart. However, Real Estate Interior Design is increasingly recognized as essential part of market.

Small Offices

Our commercial Interior Design suitable for corporate offices & buildings of all sizes. We work closely with you to create office environment with your vision.

Free Consultation

We give you this special feature 100% free of charge, We think this is good feature for our clients and the company to understand the client thoughts.


What Our Clients Say

As a customer friendly company we always ensure the clients trust and satisfaction. We received so many admirations and compliments by the customers.

Staff is very informative and helpful for solving our problems regarding swimming pools and Jacuzzis construction.
Sureka Madushani
Quick service and good construction company in Sri Lanka. Hope to work with you in future. best of luck for the bright future.
Greshan Sumithchandra
Reliable and trustworthy company inbuilt in Sri Lanka. Clever to handle client requirement with expertise staff.
Manori silva